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The MemorEyes apartment video surveillance solution brings together an unprecedented set of advanced capabilities

The MemorEyes apartment video surveillance solution brings together an unprecedented set of advanced capabilities. View the complete specifications.  Download Brochure

Advanced Video Recording

Cameras record in 1080p full HD video and are equipped with motion detection and infrared night vision, delivering reliable around-the-clock entrance coverage. Each MemorEyes surveillance post embeds four cameras providing a 360-degree view, plus at least two dedicated license-plate cameras.

Machine-Vision Technology

The MemorEyes system deploys machine-vision technology to create an automated, intelligent entrance sentry. Cameras detect and record foot and vehicle traffic. Proprietary algorithms enable detection of wrong-way traffic and gate jumper entries.

Network Video Recording

High-speed wireless radios send camera video in real time, using 128-bit AES encryption, to a network video recorder equipped with dual 2-terabyte storage devices. Recorded video – as well as vehicle passage lists and reports – is easily accessed by property managers or offsite personnel via a secure website.

Sophisticated Video Analytics

MemorEyes incorporates Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology to read and decode license plates. For incident investigation and documentation, property managers are presented with visual thumbnails to help them quickly find needed video, which they can easily enhance, notate, and then embed into a sharable PDF file for seamless email distribution.

Advanced Self-Diagnosis

MemorEyes not only keeps constant watch on entrance activity, but a separate gate-gear monitor also provides early warning of potential operational issues by detecting and reporting any jerking, scraping, or other anomalies. And MemorEyes continuously self-monitors its own systems to provide early detection of camera or software issues.

Global Sourcing Relationships

Our global sourcing relationships provide us with the latest proven surveillance technologies, ensuring a reliable and affordable solution. Our systems and software, if purchased on the open market, would cost thousands of dollars per installation.

Proprietary Advantages

MemorEyes features multiple patent-pending systems and processes, including geographically aware camera that detect unusual activities; advanced Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) cameras that operate in conjunction with a database to create accurate, identifiable entrance activity lists sorted by type; and software and processes that facilitate incident review and documentation, including easy identification and distribution of relevant video. Our all-property surveillance system in development also features multiple Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras that triangulate on noise, coupled with noise-signature analysis that detects, records, and reports unusual noises.

Privacy Protections

MemorEyes has adopted strong privacy protections that benefit owners, managers, and residents, including logging system access and backing up accessed video. Our privacy standards also meet or exceed California’s stringent protections for license plate reading.

Next Generation

We’re always working on what’s next. Our upcoming offering is an all-property apartment video surveillance solution to complement our entrance solution. Its advanced capabilities will deliver even greater benefits and cost savings to apartment communities.

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